Spot Fido Feeder

I’m a dog lover.  I have been for years.  I love the companionship and love that a dog brings into the house.  Spot Fido FeederWhat I don’t love is the mess that comes along with them.

Doggy Problems

We have a pretty big dog.  He’s over 100 pounds.  We also have a medium sized dog who is also super hyper.  They can track in more than their fair share of dirt.  Although they are short haired, they still shed.  Also, these boys can be rough on their toys.  They leave bits of stuffing around the house from when they’ve defeated a stuffed squeaky toy.

We’ve solved these problems in various ways.  By the doors that lead to the outside, we have towels for getting the mud off of their paws on rainy days.  We have one of those robot vacuums to combat the fur that they shed.  Well, we don’t yet have a solution for the shredded toys, but a big dog with a squeaky toy is still too cute for much concern.

One More Problem

Another problem is that they eat in the kitchen and I hate looking at their food bowls.  Their water bowl is around the corner in the foyer, so I don’t need to look at that thing nearly as frequently.  Once they are done eating I move their bowls out of sight.  Twice a day.  Every day.  And I’m tired of it.

Spot Fido Feeder

The Spot Fido Feeder

Luckily, I happened to stumble across the Spot Fido Feeder while I was looking through a catalog from one of our suppliers.  I think this will do the trick for me.  I can easily make their food available at doggy meal time.  It will allow me to hide their bowls when they’re not in use.  As a bonus, this piece really looks sharp with the doggy bowl drawer closed.

It will also add some extra storage for me the kitchen.  I think I’ll probably use that storage to move the dog food close to the bowls.  That should make the act of filling their bowls a bit more convenient, too.

Also, being a lover of pools of light, I’ll have another spot for a table lamp in my kitchen once I get this piece.  What’s not to love?

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