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The name alone will lead one to know that Roman shades stem from the Romans, particularly during the era of the famous Colosseum.  Once hung horizontally to shade the spectators from the harshness of the sun, Roman shades now hang vertically with the same function but also adding privacy, energy efficiency and style to a space.   Roman shades can be made out of a variety of woods or chosen fabrics to achieve a certain look.  Usually, Roman shades function with the use of a cord; however, you can also customize your shades to open and close using a cordless system or motorization.

Things to Consider

When choosing the type of Roman shade you would like, consider the following:

  • What is the room where the shade will be installed used for?
  • How much privacy do you want in the space?
  • Is energy efficiency a consideration?
  • What kind of material would you prefer?  Wood or fabric?
  • Which type of Roman shade style do you like?

Keep in mind that when a Roman shade is closed the material lays flat; however, seams may be visible.  Consequently, the neatness of the Roman shade will vary, depending on the type of shade you choose.  Also, it is important to consider how often the shade will be used.  For instance, if the Roman shade is to be installed in a bedroom window, you will probably open/close the shade at least twice a day.  For regular usage, the Classic or Hobbled Shade might be ideal.  If the Roman shade will serve a more decorative purpose with less frequent use, maybe the Relaxed or Pleated London shade will suit your needs better.

Finally, when used in conjunction with other treatments, Roman shades can provide great room darkening ability which may be particularly important in a baby’s room.

What Do You Think?

Which style of Roman Shade do you like best?

Classic Roman Relaxed London Hobbled Roman

Decorating Den, of course, offers a wide array of Roman Shades in various types and styles by top-of-the-line manufacturers like Horizons Window Fashions and Graber.

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